Our Name

Born in Danang, under a shadow of the magnificent Lady Buddha Statue, we draw inspiration and pay respect to her timeless values including Wisdom, Community, and Health.
Nguyen & Ben

Our Story

Lady Buddha was started by Nguyen (Danang) and Ben (Australia).

In 2017 Ben was looking for a big change & moved to Danang with his daughter. After 6 challenging years leading an Australian company with over 180 employees, it was time to escape the rat-race and create a new lifestyle. While he loved his new home, Ben was often sick in the stomach, being forced onto Anti-biotics for the first time in 12 years.

Desperate for a solution, he found Nguyen who was selling homemade Kombucha. Nguyen’s family had a long history of food production, fermentation and conscious eating. For example, her father is still a bee-keeper and mother-in-law owns a ginger farm. Nguyen’s focus on Kombucha intensified when she became pregnant and began making it for her entire family in 2014.

Ben immediately became addicted to Nguyen’s brew, noticing how different it made him feel compared to commercial Kombucha in Australia. He vividly remembers his body craving it each morning and simultaneously starting to feel way better after a few weeks.

The two became good friends as Ben created some simple some business systems to ensure his supply of Kombucha. Nguyen eventually asked about starting a company together. While hesitant to get back into the business so soon, Ben quickly realised it is rare to meet someone as dedicated to quality as Nguyen.

Lady Buddha was born.

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