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Central Vietnam is a magical place and we are lucky to call it home. Our name comes from the statue that overlooks this part of the world and reminds us of values such as Wisdom, Community & Health.
Nguyen & Ben

Our Story

Lady Buddha was started by Nguyen – a Danang local and Ben, an expat from Australia. After 6 years running a family company with 180 employees, Ben had moved to Danang for change in lifestyle in 2017. The problem however was that he spent the first 4 months sick (in the stomach) from the new environment.

Desperate for a solution, he found a local lady selling homemade Kombucha which was very different from the commercial brands he had tried in Australia. As he began feeling better ordering large amounts each week, Nguyen and Ben became friends and Nguyen explained to that real Kombucha is not pasteurised so it’s much stronger and more authentic than commercial drinks.

Ben quickly became addicted to the Nguyen’s brew while also educating himself  about fermentation and Gut Health. One day Nguyen suggested they start a business selling high quality Kombucha.

Lady Buddha was born.

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